Our day was so special filled with family and so much love! My fiancé Josh told me we were going down to our favorite beach in Laguna for a friend’s birthday — a normal occurrence so didn’t think anything different for a second! We get to the top of the stairs to walk down, and he then asked to take a picture of me at the top before the special moment. We walked down and he said we were around the corner on the private side since it was a smaller intimate birthday. We then walk towards the private side and I see that it was pretty empty, but again, didn’t think anything of it. We walk up closer to the picnic that was set up, and in my mind, I thought, “That blanket and spot are pretty small for guys who are 6’5!”

As we got closer, I then saw the SHINEGLORIA box and how beautiful the setup was and knew right there, “Holy moly I know exactly what is happening now!” I couldn’t stop smiling and giggling because of how perfect this moment was and it was by far the easiest yes ever. My two best friends then popped up from behind an umbrella further away — they were there taking pictures and videos of our special moment, which was so much more special than I could have ever imagined. We had some time together to take pictures, celebrate with champagne and princess what just happened! We then went back up to the car, and drove back home, only to find all of our closest friends and family waiting to celebrate and love on us even more!

The whole day was filled with so much love, celebration, and excitement, and the ring was so worth the wait. I still stare at it constantly and will never get over how great it turned out. Thank you so much to the Shinegloria family for making our special day so much better!