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Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We provide seamless delivery to every part of the world.

How do I find my ring size?

The best way to find out your ring size is to order a freeringsizer on our website. A ring sizer is a plastic tool that you can wear just like a ring and find your exact size. You can order this by visiting any ring page on our website and click the "Find Your Ring Size" option. Please check our Ring Size Guide for further information.

Do the designs on your website reflect what exactly I will receive?

Yes, your product will be identical to what you see on the product page. Please remember that you zoom in to see the product details on the product page and the products look a little bigger than life size. Please make sure you check product dimensions for accurate visualization.

How long does it take to receive my order? Can you ship the same day?

Each SHINEGLORIA product is customized and is produced based on customer's choice of options. We don't work with stocks and each product needs to go through the production process. We continuously work on improving the production time to make sure we can deliver our products as soon as possible. When you choose an item on our website, you will see an estimated date of delivery for that particular product. If you have an approaching event or special occasion, you can also choose from various handling and delivery options that will help you receive your product faster than the standard delivery time.

What happens if my ring doesn't fit?

Don't worry if your ring doesn't fit your finger because you can send your ring back for free resizing within the first 60 days following the receipt of your order.


We offer easy 30-day returns for unworn jewelry and free 90-day resizing within one size. Your order will be shipped with a complimentary care package.

How are your prices lower than other jewellers?

SHINEGLORIA operates online avoiding many unnecessary costs while many retailers are obliged to high costs of operating in physical stores. You can read our Pricing Policy for more information.

How can I personalize an item?

Our website gives you full control over any jewellery item that you would like to buy. We have a wide range of options for metals, gemstones, stone carats and other product features such as width, thickness, profile and surface (finish) depending on the design.

Do you save my credit card information after placing an order?

No, we don't. Our website is 100% secure and your payment transaction is encrypted. We don't store your credit card number or password. Please visit our Security Policy for further information.