We moved from Denver, Colorado to Austin in July 2022. Most of our friends and family are still in Denver! I had always expected to get engaged there because it was the easiest way to bring everyone together without suspicion. Our friend group suggested they come to Austin to see us during my birthday weekend as an excuse to bring everyone together! I didn’t think twice at the moment! My birthday was on a Friday, and we all went out, planning brunch for Saturday. Everything was going extremely normal until Zach had to “go back home to get his wallet he forgot.” Little did I know, something was being set up.

Our plan was to go to Rainey Street with everyone, and I hopped in the car with a few of my girls, blasting music all the way. We stopped at the end of Rainey, and I was told there was a “surprise” and they blindfolded me. I started thinking, “Either I’m getting engaged or my friends are pulling a ridiculous prank.” I was led up a series of stairs, and halfway up, my blindfold was removed. When I saw Zach at the top of the stairs, my breath completely caught. I made my way over to him, unable to stop giggling.

We’ve been together for about 5 years, and we’ve been talking about this moment for so long that it was just as special as we had imagined. I think I said “OH MY GOD” and “YES?!?” about a thousand times. It was perfect!